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This is a FAN made Tumblr for the rising actress and model Tae Heckard. I am NOT Tae Heckard, but I do love her! Look out for her on The Game as Jazz, ATL as Tanya, and several music videos, magazines, and print ads.
 Tae's Hecklers!

jason5181: do you have pretty feet?


akidnamedmarley: where did you get your hair gurrrrl?

Gworl, that’s all hers!

herhustleco: OMG, thanks for making this page... i LOVEEEEE tae ! soo needed this in my life !

You’re welcome =D

loveayuna: I have a drawing of Tae I wanna submit :)

Please submit if you already have not. Fan art is welcomed.

doyoulovememary-jane: I LOVE YOUU TAE < 3 ; Just Sayinnn ^_____^

@TaeHeckard loves you as well. =D

evans19885: Thanks fa tha follow luv :) .

You’re welcome. =)

cherasadevirginia: I love your blog! and I absolutely adore Lashontae Heckard... Thank you so much for the follow!

You’re welcome. =)

thediaryofsazsa: whats tae's personal twitter


aijhaaaaaaa: Hey TAE! I know you hear this all the time but I'm you're biggest fan your pics are all over my wall and everything! My 1 question is how did u like the video industry ? I want to get into it too. xoxo

@TaeHeckard thanks you for your kind words. Check out her twitter @taeheckard for more Tae!

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Don’t want to miss it.

@TeyanaTaylor &amp; @TaeHeckard